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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Happy Hearts is to establish an environment rich in self-expression and self-confidence. Where ever child learns the importance of responsibility, decision making, and respect for others. Some things that we teach is not always apparent to the casual observer.
The children learn through play and are exposed to a broad-based curriculum.
Our goal is to maintain an atmosphere of freedom, friendliness, and creativity, which is carried out through positive reinforcement techniques.
Our Teachers strive to develop the children’s skills by engaging their hearts as well as their minds. While we are academically structured, and goal oriented, the program that we pursue is geared towards helping each individual child develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. At Happy Hearts we believe in “collaborative care”, where teachers and parents work together.

Happy Hearts childcare staff

Happy Hearts Staff

At Happy Hearts on the Hudson we “learn through play”. Research has shown, this to be one of most effective ways to learn.
Play enhances social interaction and the development of social skills such as learning to share, interacting with others and taking turns. Play promotes physical development and coordination. Finally, play enhances and promotes development in the cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor areas. It helps the children acquire information and make decisions based on their findings.
Developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to promote learning through play in each of our age appropriate programs.

Join Us For Fun, Love, & Laughter   -Tara & Desiree

Desiree and Tara

Read the interview with Desiree Drapala, the owner,  below to get an insight into what Happy Hearts is all about.


Who is Happy Hearts?

“The Only Spot for your special Tot”

Happy Hearts on the Hudson is a family owned and operated NYS licensed group family daycare that has been serving the Croton Community and beyond for the past several years.

Happy Hearts is made up of our awesome staff my mother Tara, two sisters Carlee & Jacqueline, my cousin Katylin, and myself Desiree. My 2 ½ year old son Colin is a part of our program. The most important part of Happy Hearts is the wonderful children that we care for and educate!
How long have you been in business?

Happy Hearts has been in business for the past three years, but we have a long history of early childhood care and education. Happy Hearts on the Hudson opened it’s doors to a brand new 5,000 square foot educational center APRIL 1st 2010!

Why do you think parents should bring there children to you?

Because at Happy Heart we strive to develop the children’s skills by engaging their hearts as well as their minds.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Please Join Us For Fun, Love, & Laughter!