Happy Hearts Take Two is up and running!


We are excited to announce the opening of our second center located at 365 South Riverside Ave in Croton. Currently this location is for infants only but will be expanding soon!  Feel free to stop in and check it out :)

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Story Book Yoga

Once a week, the children @ Happy Hearts take a break from the daily curriculum to study mindfulness! Ms. Kristy from Yoga Sol works to help the children develop breathing techniques, work  through their emotions and spread kindness within the classroom.


Music @ Happy Hearts

Once a week, the children at Happy Hearts get down with The Kitty Kats!

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Date Night @ Happy Hearts


Need a night out without the kids? Send them to date night at Happy Hearts! The last Friday of every month, Happy Hearts hosts a date night from 6:30-9:30. Children 2 and up are served Macaroni and Cheese with apple slices, presented with a movie and engaged in fun group activities for $20. Only $10 extra  for a second child!

Children under two will with play and engage in age appropriate activities in one of our infant classrooms for $30.

All children are welcome to wear their PJs :)