HappyFeet @ Happy Hearts

Once a week, coach Jess from HappyFeet comes and plays soccer with the children at Happy Hearts :)

Each child is provided with their very own ball and learns cool soccer moves. This is the perfect first sports experience for your child!

The program is run by NCAA college coaches, is non-competitive and has a progressive curriculum.



For more information please visit www.happyfeetsoccerny.com  


At Happy Hearts on the Hudson, parents have two lunch options.

Bring your own.

  • Parents can prepare a healthy lunch at home and bring it in an ICE PACKED lunchbox. Healthy favorites include sandwiches, fruits, muffins, veggies, yogurt, soups, stews, or leftovers served in a hot/cold thermos. OR

Buy a prepared lunch.

  • A healthy homemade lunch catered by our friends at La Monica‘s Salumeria, 358 S. Riverside Ave. Croton on Hudson, NY will be provide for an additional charge of $6.50 for breakfast & lunch or $4.25 just for lunch.

Happy Hearts serves a healthy morning and afternoon snack.



Food Allergies: Happy Hearts is a “PEANUT & LAYTEX FREE” FACILITY.  If your child is allergic to any foods or other items, be sure to list them in the medical report so that we can be aware of them. Also, please Verbally Report this to your child’s teacher.


Creating art is part of exploring and discovering new things. We think that’s very important for children. At Happy Hearts, we encourage children to explore their creativity and use their imagination.

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Outdoor Play

Outdoor playtimeChildren vary in their levels of development. In terms of outdoor play, this means that children will have different strengths when it comes to climbing, running, balancing, coordination and strength.
Happy Hearts will use Vassallo and Dobbs Park for outdoor play.
Our teachers constantly think of ways to make the curriculum in the “outdoor classroom” as enjoyable as the indoors
We will engage the children in games with rules such as soccer, kickball, hopscotch, etc.
Happy Hearts will also take the children on walk in the town and for ice cream at the local ice cream shop!
Outdoor play is limited by the severity of weather conditions as recommended by the Executive Directors. Each child must arrive @ school wearing sun screen. We can reapply if necessary.


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Once a week, Ms. Nanette from the  Talk-n- Drum Music and Language program comes to Happy Hearts!

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 Brief description of the Talk-n-Drum program:

This is a method to teach speech & language (basic American sign-language incorporated into every curriculum) through instrument playing, singing, chanting and movement to specially composed Talk-n-Drum songs. It is rooted in Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences VAK- visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning so children hear, feel and see the sounds of words and complete phrases of the target language. In addition, the method develops focus, motor, listening and social skills, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and critical thinking. Most of all, T-n-D fosters a love of learning by keeping the focus on FUN! 

Our little ones are currently learning Spanish and sign language. This summer will we learn Italian!

To learn more about Talk -n- Drum visit their website:



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At Happy Hearts, we know that you have a busy schedule that starts early.  That’s why we offer the breakfast program from 6:30-8am for no additional fee.  Drop off your special tot with a delicious breakfast and they can enjoy time with friends and their favorite cartoons.  And you can get your day started!