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Program Description

At Happy Hearts on the Hudson we “learn through play”. Research has shown, this to be one of most effective ways to learn.
Play enhances social interaction and the development of social skills such as learning to share, interacting with others and taking turns. Play promotes physical development and coordination. Finally, play enhances and promotes development in the cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor areas. It helps the children acquire information and make decisions based on their findings. Developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to promote learning through play in each of our age appropriate programs. Read more about individual classes: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Before & After School Care


Registration for enrollment is ongoing throughout the year on a “first come/ first served basis”. Two fees are due at time of registration to secure your child’s spot; Registration Fee & One Month Security Deposit. THESE FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The Non Refundable Security Deposit will be used for the last month’s tuition ONLY if written notice is given one month prior to dis-enrollment date. Waiting Lists are maintained for each program. The follow forms must be completed for ALL CHILDREN upon start date at Happy Hearts on the Hudson, Registration Form, Physical Exam/Immunization Record, and Emergency Card.

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Arrival & Departure

Happy Hearts on the Hudson opens at 6:30am. Entry into the building prior to that time is prohibited.  Happy Hearts on the Hudson closes at 7:00pm.
Pick Up Time is 6:45pm to provide time to gather belongings. There will be  fee for early drop off’s or late pick ups  outside your contracted schedule. Parents MUST sign children in and out on a daily basis. Children ARE NOT ALLOWED to TOUCH or PLAY WITH the sign in “TOUCH SCREEN.”
A Child will not be released to anyone other then their parent, unless accompanied by a note from the parent. A photo ID is required to be shown at time of pick up. Please check the touch screen, classroom bulletin boards, and this website for messages concerning up coming events, changes in procedures, and holidays.  See more about our state-of-the-art security system.


Tuition is due whether the child/children attend the center or not. There are NO “make up days”.
Monthly tuition is based on the amount of hours chosen in the contracted schedule. Tuition is due the last Friday of ever month, for the upcoming month. If payment is NOT received on FRIDAY, the tuition MUST be paid on Monday in CASH. If payment is not received on Monday the child/children cannot attend the center until payment is made in full and must be paid in cash. Any payment concerns should be discussed with Desiree.  See pricing.

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Additional Charges

Attendance at time other than those scheduled will result in additional charges. This includes early clock in, late clock out, and attendance on days your child is not regularly scheduled.
Vacation Policy: Full Tuition Payment is still required when a child is on vacation. Vacation days cannot be substituted for other days.
Sick Policy: Payment is still required when a child is absent due to illness. Sick days cannot be substituted for other days.
Holiday Policy: Holidays are paid days to the center. See “Calendar” Page.
Closing of Center Policy: Payment is still required if for any reason Happy Hearts should have to close for the day (s), example bad weather. This includes early closing and late opening. In this event, parents should have a “back up plan” (alternative supervision) in place with a friend or family member.


The Center must be notified in writing (not email) and given to Tara or Desiree one month in advance if you wish to dis enroll your child from the center. The non refundable security deposit will be used for the last month’s tuition ONLY if written notice is given one month prior. Happy Hearts holds the right to dis enroll a child with one month notice.

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Happy Hearts operates fifty one weeks of the year in order to accommodate the varying work schedules of parents. When Happy Hearts is closed for holidays and vacation, payment in full is still required. Happy Hearts will Always be closed a week in July, in order to do repairs and paint to get the Center ready for the new school year!!
The Center closing dates will vary based on the calendar year. The center will be closed on the following days:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. When a holiday falls on a weekend, it will be observed on the following Monday.

In the event of snow or other weather emergencies: Happy Hearts will be following the Croton Harmon School District Closing & Delays. If we are forced to close early for any reason, all parents of children in attendance will be called two hours prior to closing time. View our calendar.

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Emergency first aid

Happy Hearts staff will administer first aid to children who experience minor injury. The parents are informed of this when they pick up their child. An incident report will made and recorded in the child’s record.


Disruptive behavior will be addressed with a “quiet time” in a supervised area. No hitting, biting or foul language is accepted. Should this occur the parents/guardians will be notified, and will be given the opportunity to resolve the situation with their child. If the behavior persists, the child will no longer be able to participate in the day care program. All day care providers are mandated reporters. It is our obligation to report child abuse or maltreatment of a child. All Happy Hearts Personnel are mandated Child Abuse and Maltreatment reporters.

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Additional Information


Orientation: Your child will require time to adjust or “transition” to the new environment at Happy Hearts. We encourage you and your child to visit ahead of time to become familiar with his or her teachers and peers. We are here to lend support and to assist you in developing a schedule that meets your child’s needs.

Attendance: If your child is going to be absent we would appreciate notification the day before, or the morning of the absence by 10:00 a.m. Please call the office at 914-271-0021 and speak to Tara or Desiree.

Food Allergies: Happy Hearts is a “PEANUT & LATEX FREE” FACILITY. If your child is allergic to any foods or other items, be sure to list them in the medical report so that we can be aware of them. Also, please Verbally Report this to your child’s teacher.  Find out more about our lunch and breakfast programs.

Mailboxes: Each child will have a mailbox labeled with his/her name. All art projects made by your child, as well as other parent information will be placed in that mailbox. Please check boxes daily to make sure nothing is left behind.

Dress Code: Your child should come to the center dressed for PLAY EVERYDAY! At times, he/she will be using paints and other messy materials. He/she should not be dressed in any way that restricts this activity. Please send your child in shoes with rubber soles, they are best for outdoor play! Please send your child in climate appropriate clothing.  See more about our art program and outdoor curriculum.

Extra Clothing: Your child must have an extra set of clothing at all times. All clothing must be labeled with your child’s name. All blankets must be taken home as needed for washing.

Indoor Shoes: Indoor shoes will be worn @ ALL TIMES. PLEASE make sure they are something that your child likes, and is comfortable. Please replace them with bigger sizes as your child grows.

Toys from Home: Children may bring a stuffed animal, toy, or special blanket to be used at nap time. At all other times (except “Show and Tell Friday‘s”) the toy or blanket will be left in the child’s bag.

Birthdays: We encourage the celebration of each child’s birthday in the classroom during afternoon snack time. Birthday “treats” will be provided by the parents. Please inform the classroom teacher if and when you will be bringing in their “special treat”!

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