Wait List Policy

Happy Hearts on the Hudson will maintain a fair and equitable system of admitting children from our wait list as spaces in our center become available. Priority for available days and times will always be given to those already enrolled in our program.

A space is considered “open” when notification by a parent is made in writing that a child is leaving the center or when a child completes the transition process from one program to the next.

In the event that a program is “filled”, a Registration Application will be accepted and the child will be placed on the “wait list” in accordance with the date that the wait list fee was accepted.

Priority will be given to the siblings of children already in the center. The wait list will be structured by “Program”. Each program (infants, toddlers, preschool) will maintain a separate wait list.

Consideration will be given to the schedule requested and the space available when filling an available slot. If a Full Day slot becomes available, Happy Hearts on the Hudson reserves the right to fill that slot with a Full Scheduled child from our wait list.

If a child ages out of a program while on the wait list, they will be placed on the wait list in the age appropriate program based on the date that their original registration application was received.

A $35 fee per child is required for all wait list registrations. The remainder of the Registration Fee will be due upon confirmation of enrollment. This is a non-refundable fee.

Every attempt will be made to notify parents of an available spot. After numerous attempts have been made to no avail, Happy Hearts on the Hudson reserves the right to move onto the next person on the wait list.

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