Back to School Shopping List

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. Before you know it, your kids will already have their new schedules and they will embark on yet another year of learning.

As a parent, your job is to give your children the knowledge and tools required to tackle the challenges they will face at school. You can worry about tutoring a bit later when the lessons actually get underway. For now, your focus should be on getting the supplies that your kids will need.

Highlighted in this article are the top back to school supplies. We’re focusing specifically on the items that all school-aged kids will need. Stay tuned so you can put together the best shopping list possible!

Writing Tools

Despite the growing role of electronics in the classroom, writing tools remain essential for students of all ages. You cannot send your kids off to school without writing implements of some kind because they will likely end up in a tough spot if they have to answer a test or some activities.

Traditional pencils are fine, but their sharpness can pose a threat to small kids. Mechanical pencils are safer because they work well even without a sharp point.

When it comes to pens, going with a ballpoint pen is a good idea. Just make sure it features the right thickness so it fits snugly in your child’s fingers.


Next up, you need to pick up a new backpack for your kid.

The most important consideration when choosing a backpack is the way it fits your child’s body. The backpack should be proportionate to your child’s height. Oversized backpacks can strain your kid’s body and you obviously don’t want that.

You can tell that the backpack is the right size if it barely hangs below the waistline.

Take some time to look at the straps of the backpack too. Prioritize the backpacks that come with padded straps. Those padded straps are more comfortable so they will not introduce any additional strain.


Tablets and laptops make note-taking easier for school-age kids of this generation. Even so, there’s something to be said about the convenience of a notebook. If you need to write something down quickly, it helps to have a notebook handy.

Notebook variety is more impressive than it has ever been, but any one item should suffice purely as a writing pad. Of course, you can also look for designer notebooks if your child prefers those.

Lunch Kits

What supplies do I need to go back to school? You cannot answer that question properly without mentioning lunch kits.

To be more specific, you need to keep an eye out for insulated lunch kits because they will preserve food quality best. Insulated lunch bags will make sure that your child’s meals stay nice and hot. Meanwhile, an insulated water bottle will give them ice-cold refreshment on-demand.

Many of those insulated lunch kits are also quite stylish. Your child will appreciate being able to pull one of those out of their bag.

Back-to-school shopping is always important. It’s crucial to getting your child adequately prepared and it also hypes them up for the upcoming school year. Make sure you include the aforementioned items on your shopping list so your kid is completely ready for their first day!