Fun Indoor Rainy-Day Activities For Those Typical Spring Days

The rainy season is here again, and you know what that means — lots of time spent stuck inside. That’s why we’ve rounded up some fun indoor rainy-day activities to keep the kids busy. Some of these activities even incorporate some science learning! So, let’s get into it! 

Make Playdough 

Making playdough with your children is a fun and easy way to teach them new skills. It is also a great way to develop their creativity. When children are playing with playdough, they can use their imaginations to create different textures, shapes, and patterns. They can even experiment with different ingredients to change the texture and feel of their playdough. 

Design An Obstacle Course 

Building an obstacle course is an excellent way to help your children stay active while also engaging in constructive play. It can be adapted to fit the age, abilities, and space of the participants, making it a fun activity that can be enjoyed at any time of year. The different activities in an obstacle course will engage kids in different senses and actions as they move through each station. This helps their brains adapt to a new situation, strengthening their problem-solving skills. 

Design A Paper Airplane 

Designing a paper airplane with your child is a fun way to learn how the science of flight works. There are many different types of planes, each with a unique set of characteristics that make them fly differently. If you want your paper airplane to stay up in the air as long as possible, it needs to have less drag. This means it needs to be flat, have no creases, and use quality paper. 

Make A Memory Box 

If you’re feeling bored and want to do something with your kids on a rainy day, then making a memory box is the perfect activity. All you need is a cardboard box and some imagination. A memory box is a great way to preserve keepsakes from important events in your child’s life, such as a school year or a special vacation or summer camp. It also makes a thoughtful gift. 

Learn A New Language 

Learning a new language can be a great way to learn about different cultures and make new friends. It can also be a great way to improve your overall writing and grammar skills. 

Have A Dress Up Party 

A dress up party is a great way to let your children have some fun in the land of make believe! It can also be a good opportunity for you to have some fun yourself, too!  

Make A Mug Cake 

When you’re craving a piece of cake but don’t have the time to bake one, a mug cake is an excellent option. They’re quick and easy to make, as well as delicious. A mug cake is also a great way for kids to get involved in the cooking process. Unlike traditional cakes, which usually require a lot of baking time and attention, these single-serving desserts can be made with just the microwave. 

Play A Game Of Pass The Parcel 

Pass the Parcel is a classic party game that can be played indoors in any weather. It’s simple to play and is a great way to build gross motor skills. The person holding the parcel must do a task or answer a question written on one of the layers. This will help children to learn that sometimes they may not get what they want in life. And to make the game even more exciting, add a small prize inside each layer. This can be a fun way to encourage kids to work together and to keep playing until all the layers are unwrapped.