Edward Zissel September 23, 2020

2022-03-15 | 15:11:14

"Happy Hearts delivers impeccable service, professionalism, care, knowledge, warmth, compassion and attention to all the details. Happy Hearts acts and displays such genuine and authentic care for all of the children inside their daycares and outside in the community. Leading not only with their minds, but with their hearts to ensure an amazing, comfortable and academic journey for your child. Focused, developed, innovative, inspiring, driven, active, proactive, aware, honest, transparent, supportive, guiding and an all out AMAZING family who deliver WOW moments and experiences everyday. This is the place your child and family want to be!!!!!"
Lee Maxwell September 21, 2020

2022-03-15 | 15:11:20

"My wife and I send my both our kids here. We love the care, education and social setting. It is clear Happy Hearts is very selective on the teachers who work there."
James Port August 5, 2020

James Port

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality My daughter attended Happy Hearts from the age of 10 months right up to her recent transition to kindergarten. Reflecting back on her time with Happy Hearts, my wife and I found it to have been an incredible experience for our daughter. They are by no means "babysitters". Your child will learn and grow so much as a person while attending. We would be amazed some days hearing her talk at the dinner table about the stuff she was learning. Simply put, we would not have changed a thing and never once regretted our decision to send our daughter to Happy Hearts."
Robert Bowker March 15, 2020

2022-03-15 | 15:11:26

"Very happy with staff. Our kids love going to school there."
Steve Suflita December 9, 2019

2022-03-15 | 15:11:33

"My son has been going to day care at happy hearts since he was about 3 months old (he is almost 3 now). The place is great. He likes going. He is always learning new stuff. And does lots of projects. I would 100% recommend this day care to friends and family."
Robert Wilson December 23, 2017

2022-03-15 | 15:11:40

"We all love this place."